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Clark Andrew Libbey and Kristen Rad have been barnstorming the Southwest for the last 4 years playing their unique blend of original americana, alt-country, country gospel and acoustic classics. They combine soulful vocals, delicate harmonies, and a deeply imaginative pallet of stories and lyrics for a show which will in turn enchant and surprise you. 


A professional musician with 33 years of experience, Clark Andrew Libbey has spent his life writing songs and playing shows. He mines his often off-kilter stories from a world of his own creation, one replete with trauma, heartbreak, triumphant accomplishments and anthemic moments, both wonderful and tragic. Drawing from a rich landscape of characters, he specializes in boiling down strong metaphors and universal truths into catchy, enchanting melodies. He has 4 solo albums, and has been a part writing and producing a dozen more, and is currently releasing music on Slow Start Records out of Dallas, TX. Besides playing bass, drums and washboard regularly for other bands, he has an americana, bluegrass, zydeco and classic country band called The High Desert Playboys, which plays throughout New Mexico. Their latest album “Ticker Tape Parade” is available now!  


Kristen Rad is one of the best known electric violinists in New Mexico. Sought after by country bands, rock bands and metal bands alike, she has become a fixture in the Albuquerque music scene. Versatile, imaginative and dedicated, she’s known for her soaring solos, delicate dynamics, and angelic voice. In recent years, she has been pursuing music full time, touring with multiple artists and teaching music classes to young children. Also a member of The High Desert Playboys, she has been branching out into solo looper sets as well, rounding out an already impressive resume and cementing her reputation as one of the most talented and hardest working musicians in New Mexico. 


Their latest single, a version of the classic song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is out NOW on Slow Start Records.

"What if we made it to Mars? What would you listen to along the way? Well if you listen to The High Desert Playboys’ new album, Country Songs for Your Trip to Mars, you found the perfect album...........This is definitive country for space. "

-The Alibi, Sonic Reducer, Steven Luthy

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