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Clark Andrew Libbey dragged his midwestern song stylings out to the southwest 13 years ago. Combining strong, soulful vocals and catchy hooks, his influences range from alt-country to americana and alternative rock. A veteran of 27 years of shows, he tours regularly throughout the Southwest, Texas, Colorado and West coast, delighting audiences with his original music, alt-country and classic country covers. "Food or Cash", a five song EP, was released in 2015. The newest full length release "From the Deserts of Ohio" is an acoustic album, recorded live to stereo, is available online NOW! Click on the links below....Enjoy!


Clark Andrew Libbey and Kristen Rad

Here are a few recordings from a recent collaboration with the amazingly talented Kristen Rad. Kristen is a professional violinist based in Albuquerque, NM. She has been playing over 20 years and currently can be found playing duo gigs with Clark, with her band Distances, and with The High Desert Playboys. Here are a few rough demos we put together one night....keep an eye out for a tour in March 2019!

Like I've Never Seen The Sun (Live demo feat. Kristen Rad) - Clark Andrew Libbey
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live Demo feat. Kristen Rad) - Yip Harbug
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Food or Cash (a five song EP released in 2015)
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